Our goal at Land O’Lakes Home & Cottage Solutions is to make your weekend and/or vacation time as relaxed and carefree as possible. We focus on providing high-quality services and customer satisfaction. We will do what it takes to meet or exceed your expectations.

At Land O’ Lakes Home & Cottage Solutions we know that whether you have a permanent or holiday residence, your property is important to you. To ensure its continued upkeep and good service, we take the same pride in that belief. Let us create a plan that will take care of any burdens that you may have around your summer cottage, yearly retreat or permanent lake and country home. With the wide range of services that we offer, our professional staff can create a plan that will allow you to spend more time doing things that you love, while working within your budget.

Land O’ Lakes Home & Cottage Solutions can organize and oversee any improvement projects. Whether it be Construction, Renovations, Landscape Construction to Septic Maintenance, Duct Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning etc. We use licensed trade service providers to insure quality and proper solutions to fit your needs. Call or email us today to make an appointment. Together we can make a difference to lighten your work load. We look forward to meeting you!